Gardner Denver is one of the leading pump manufacturers in the world. We offer a diverse range of pumps from drilling, well servicing and stimulation pumps which are reciprocating positive displacement pumps built on crankshaft or eccentric shaft designs, through to truck mounted liquid pumps for discharging liquids from road tankers and WOB-L Piston, Diaphragm, Rotary Vane, Articulated Piston, Linear and Peristaltic and centrifugal pumps used in medical, laboratory, life science and chemical applications.





Industry Leaders in Extended Range Pumps, Gas Handling, Abrasion Resistant Technology, Harmonic Mitigation (VFD’s) and Motor Design. 




CoorsTek understands severe-duty environments and we use advanced materials designed to withstand harsh conditions and perform optimally. These heavy-duty components and assemblies include:



  • Plungers

    • Ceramic Plungers – work exceptionally well in salwater, chemical, and metering applications

    • Coated Plungers & Extension Rods – Available in base materials of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel, CoorsTek hard-coated plungers give an excellent combination of wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

    • Chrome Oxide Plungers – Recommended for use when pumping amine, glycol, or other fluids requiring restricted lubrication.

    • Tungsten Carbide Plungers – Ideal for situations in which wear is the primary concern and chemical corrosion is a lesser factor.

  • Replacement Parts for Centrifugal Pumps

    • Back Heads

    • Casings and Casing Rings

    • Impellers and Impeller Rings

    • Mechanical Seals

    • Rear Cover Plates

    • Sleeves

    • Wear plates

    • Several other components

  • Valves and Valve Components

    • Abrasion-Resistant Valves

    • Wing-Guided Vavles

    • Stem-Guided Plate Valves

    • Valve Seats

    • Valve Plates

    • Valve Springs

    • Fasteners

    • Miscellaneous Valves

  • Plunger Packing


When it comes to the ultimate in high performance, Mercer safety relief valves meet the absolute toughest standards in most industrial applications. Far superior to conventional relief valve designs, Mercer valves open, close, seat and seal.

Mercer valves are lightweight, compact, and extremely reliable. Our valves use the Auto Seat Technology® soft-seat design. This patented design allows our valves to relieve pressure ("pop") virtually hundreds of times and remain "bubble tight". Mercer Valve's full line of Threaded, Flanged, and Pilot Operated products are up to the challenge of rough handling and severe service applications.

At Summit our focus is on building the highest quality lubricants and backing it up with uncompromising customer service.  We are recognized as an industry leader in synthetic lubricant technology and our line of over 300 products can service almost any industrial application


Van Air Systems designs and manufacturers unique products for the treatment of compressed air and natural gas. Since the company’s forming in 1944, the employees of Van Air Systems have proudly built a reputation for innovation and quality.

With on-site engineering and manufacturing facilities for desiccant and air dehydration equipment, you can depend on Van Air Systems to provide you with a quality, cost-effective solution to your compressed air dehydration needs.

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Strong and efficient. Tsurumi has a vast range of submersible pumps engineered to withstand the most rugged mining and industrial applications. Many of our pumps are interchangeable so that within minutes you can achieve high head or high volume capabilities without having to increase your inventory investment in additional pumps








RK Compressors offers a range of dependable, durable and robust compressors, designed to efficiently accomplish several tasks, even under the most demanding conditions. Built for the small workshop worker as well as the professional in his garage or on the road, we have the compressor you need. These units are Canadian made and tested. Parts are readily available and stocked in Canada.